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2001 Miata for sale by owner, 76k miles, manual

2001 Miata for sale by owner, 76k miles, manual

2001 Miata for sale by owner, 76k miles, manual - $3500

I am selling a 2001 Mazda Miata in Mica Green. It is in excellent running condition, the air conditioning works great, no mechanical issues I"m aware of. There are no real mods to this car I know of other than it has a muffler. We bought this car 3 years ago for my girlfriend and it has been great. I think the pictures say a lot, but here are a list of details about this car:

*Mileage: 76,000
*5 speed manual transmission shifts well. The clutch feels stock, doesn"t slip, and all the synchros feel good.

*I believe it"s an SE trim car. Leather seats and Nardi leather steering wheel
*It"s the "Sport Suspension" package with the larger brakes, 16" wheels and under chassis bracing
*Factory projector headlights
*Interior is in great shape, the only real concern is the seat covers (especially the drivers seat) are worn. There are a couple spots on the doors and dash that are very slightly dinged from keys or something.
*Rear tires are 70% or so, fronts are probably 25%. They"re Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport"s.
*Has a Cobalt muffler. It sounds good for a Miata, it"s a bit raspy when accelerating but doesn"t drone much on the highway.
*I believe it does have a limited slip (torsen) differential. I"ve never had it apart to check, but it does have the rubber damper on the input shaft and the stub axles lead me to believe it"s a torsen.
*The engine bay looks completely untouched. Was one of the big selling points for me when we bought the car. The only thing I"ve had to do maintenance wise is oil, filters, brakes and I replaced the driveshaft about a year ago (damn non rebuildable u-joints). The engine doesn"t consume oil or anything. Stock air filter box ect.
*Since we"ve gotten it, we"ve put about 30k miles on the car. I"ve always used quality filters (typically Purolator PureOne"s) and Mobile 1 or Castrol full synthetic oil.
*The suspension is also completely stock.
*Has a Pioneer CD player with the Bose speakers. Sounds good.
*There are a couple tears in the top. One larger one on the driver side which has been patched with some marine vinyl and a small one on the passenger side. The pictures should show this pretty well.
*The paint is ok. It"d been resprayed at some point and could use a cut and buff. The paint has peeled in a couple spots, mostly on the trim but I"d say it looks decent from 10 feet.
*The car does have a salvaged title, though I"ve struggled to find any damage to the car. The front structure looks completely original and unpainted. The car doesn"t pull or have any odd handling characteristics. I do have the clear title in hand.

We"re selling the car since my girlfriend wanted something a bit bigger (mostly for me, I"m to tall to fit). Definitely wouldn"t say the car isn"t without it"s flaws, but it"s fun and reliable car. I"ll be as honest as I can be about any questions you may have. I"m not one to flip vehicles or anything, but I do like taking care of my (and my gf"s) cars. I"m asking $3500 but I"m willing to take reasonable offers (keep in mind though I"m listing it on Nov 1 for the first time).

Other than that the pictures should help. If you have any questions email me through CL or call ext 972-seven fifty five- eleven 63.
Location: Carrollton
: Carrollton, TX (View map)
Posted: Nov-05-16

Phone: 972-seven fifty five- eleven 63